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  1. Liquinox

    Liquinox - Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent
  2. Alconox Detergent

    Alconox is a concentrated powdered precision cleaner, and is ideal for cleaning contaminants from glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and fiberglass.

  3. SoakEase Absorbent Socks

    SoakEase is a product selective absorbent sock inside a stainless steel canister.
  4. Keck PRC Passive Skimmers

    The Keck PRC is a passive skimmer with a floating intake that separates and recovers light hydrocarbons from groundwater. The Keck PRC collects floating product down to a sheen then is emptied through a discharge valve at the bottom of the canister after being raised to the surface.

    • Oleophilic / Hydrophobic filter buoy recovers product without taking in water
    • Quick fill time – about 15 minutes with ample product
    • Protected easy release drain valve
    • Able to convert to active recovery systems

  5. PVC Fittings and Accessories

    PVC fittings and accessories necessary for the development of wells in 2-inch and 4" sizes, including: slip caps, threaded end caps, well points, and hoisting/lifting plugs.
  6. Internal PVC Pipe Cutters

    Features of Internal PVC Pipe Cutter
    • Installs in pipe
    • Cut Depth preset
    • Accurate smooth pipe at or below ground surface
    • Cuts in seconds
  7. Surge Blocks for Well Development

    The MonoFlex surge block is used to develop a well by allowing a gentle flow of water through the screen.

  8. Padlocks

    Master Lock
    Master Steel Lock has a laminated steel body, precision pin-tumbler mechanism and can be keyed alike. Sold in two sizes: #1 - 1.75" wide body and #3 - 1.5" wide body.

    American Weather-Built
    The American Weather-Built #30 has a 1.5" wide solid aluminum body, double steel ball locking mechanism and is available keyed alike.

    Dolphin Lock
    The Dolhin Lock #1600 has a 1.375" body, is made from corrosion resistant brass, and are keyed alike.
  9. Ergo-Grip Well Plug

    The lightweight “Ergo-Grip” is made from hard formed plastic with a seamless tight dual rubber gasket. The wing nut spins easy off and on and the well plug can be easily disassembled in the field. The unique design enables acceptance of any lock and also includes a tethering eyelet at the base of the plug.

  10. Morrison 678XA Well Plug, 2"

    The 678XA Locking Test Well Plug was designed to be a tamper-proof, water-tight cover for monitoring and observation wells. It slips into the open end of a pipe and as the brass wing bolt is tightened, the seal expands to hold the plug in place. The "Test Well No FIll" warning is molded directly to the plastic body.
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Items 1 to 10 of 205 total