Geotech Water Level Meter
Geotech Water Level Meter

Geotech Water Level Meter

The Geotech ET and ETL Portable Water Level Meters are designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements of groundwater levels. Water level readings are conveniently taken at the top of the casing with accuracy to within 1/100 of a foot.

Includes water level meter and rugged carrying case.


  • Mounted on a lightweight steel and aluminum storage reel for easy transportation and durability in the field
  • Highly accurate HDPE coated steel tape marked in engineering or metric increments
  • Field replaceable 5/8" (1.59cm) probe with stainless steel conductors for durability
  • Adjustable sensitivity to prevent false triggering
  • Audible and visible alarms activated when the probe makes contact with water
  • Easily replaced 9 volt battery
  • Water resistant padded carrying case to protect instrument
  • Optional tape weight helps sink probe into a deep or crooked well

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