Geotech Policontrol Chlorine Colorimeter

Geotech Policontrol Chlorine Colorimeter

Introducing a versatile, microprocessed colorimeter designed for both field and laboratory environments, specializing in the analysis of Free, Total, and Combined Residual Chlorine. The device accommodates liquid, powder, or tablet reagents for flexibil-ity in testing. It offers dual measurement ranges, and is designed to be durable and field ready. It

Includes essential components such as cuvettes, adapters, USB cable, reagents, and a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, making it a comprehensive solution for reliable chlorine assessment in diverse settings.

For any reagent requests outside of provided kits, please call (800)468-8921.

• Analysis of Free, Total, & Combined Residual Chlorine.

• UI with operational info in multiple languages.

• Liquid, powder, or tablet reagents

• Dual measurement ranges: 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L and 0.00 to 10 mg/L.

• ABS cabinet with IP-67 sealing for durability & protection.
• Follows DPD principle, adhering to method 4500-CL G in Standard Methods, offering accurate chlorine analysis.

Regular price$625.00