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  1. Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger Junior Edge

    The Levelogger Junior Edge provides an inexpensive alternative for measuring groundwater and surface water levels and temperature. The Levelogger Junior Edge combines a pressure sensor, temperature detector, a datalogger, and 5-year battery (based on a 1-minute sampling rate) in one compact 7/8" x 5.6" (22 mm x 142 mm) stainless steel housing.

  2. Solinst Model 3001 Levelogger Edge

    The Levelogger Edge is designed to collect data to a depth of 600-feet. It has several depth configurations starting at 15-feet (F15, F30, F65, F100, F300, and F600. In addition the Levelogger Edge can be assembled with Direct read cabling as an option.

  3. Solinst 9500 LevelSender

    The LevelSender is a simple, low cost system designed to wirelessly send data from Solinst dataloggers in the field, via cellular communication, to multiple emails and an SMS recipient. You can receive data right on your smart device. LevelSender remote stations are compact in design, which allows them to be discreetly installed inside a 2" diameter monitoring well or other housing.

    Each LevelSender device has a single port to connect one datalogger. An optional splitter provides connections for two dataloggers, allowing you to install a Levelogger and Barologger in the same well.

    Along with water level, temperature, conductivity, barometric, or rainfall data, battery level and status updates from the remote LevelSender are received with each data report.

    Direct Read Cable
    Compatible Levelogger

  4. Solinst Model 3001 Barologger Edge M1.5, F5

    An inexpensive Barologger is available to provide the most accurate and easy method of barometric compensation. The barologger is configured to work with either the Levelogger Model 3001 Edge or the Levelogger Junior Edge.

    Regular Price: $304.00

    Special Price $279.00

  5. Solinst 3001 Optical Reader

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Special Price $149.00

  6. 3001 Direct Read Optical Adaptors

    The Levelogger Direct Read to Optical Adaptor is designed to be used in cases where a Direct Read Cable is not convenient or available. This allows it to be used for multiple communication or deployment purposes. The Adaptor can be used to connect your Levelogger to a Levelogger App Interface, DataGrabber, PC Interface Cable, an SDI-12 Interface Cable, or deploy a Barologger inside an STS telemetry enclosure or from a LevelSender.

    A Slip Fit Direct Read to Optical Adaptor is also available for a quick, temporary connection to the Levelogger. It is not recommended for longterm installations, such as the SDI-12 Interface Cable, STS or LevelSender. The Direct Read to Optical Adaptor with threaded connections is suitable in these cases.

  7. Solinst 3001 Direct Read Cables

    3001 Direct Read Cables provide real time communication with deployed Leveloggers without the need to remove Levelogger from the water.

  8. Solinst 3001 DataGrabber

    The Model 3001 DataGrabber for Leveloggers provides an inexpensive, and very portable option for Levelogger users to download data directly to a USB flash drive key.

    The DataGrabber connects to a Levelogger's Direct Read Cable; alternatively, a Direct Read to Optical Adaptor allows you to connect it directly to a Levelogger's optical end.

  9. Solinst 3001 Levelogger App Interface

    The Levelogger® App Interface uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect a Solinst datalogger to your Apple® smart device. Once connected, you can view data and program the datalogger using the Solinst Levelogger App.

    *Direct Read Cable or Direct Read to Optical Adapter required

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9 Item(s)