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How Has 2016/2017 Winter Rainfall Impacted Groundwater?

2017 began with one of the wettest starts on record. While we saw reservoirs filling up and rushing rivers in California earlier this year, groundwater levels reflected the differing hydrologic conditions of individual groundwater basins. Although water levels in shallow basins may quickly show marked improvement, deeper, severely depleted groundwater basins may take years to recharge.

Although Spring 2017 groundwater levels have mostly recovered from last year, they have not yet recovered to pre-drought conditions in many areas of the state.

When compared to 2016, spring 2017 groundwater levels are higher in many areas of the state. However, the impacts of the drought can still be seen when comparing spring 2017 groundwater levels to 2011 (pre-drought conditions). More information is available in this Spring 2017 Groundwater Level Data Summary from the State of California Natural Resources Agency.

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