EnCore Sampler
EnCore Sampler

EnCore Sampler

The En Core® Sampler collects, stores and delivers soil samples...all within one easy-to-use device. The airtight sealing cap prevents the loss of volatiles as the En Core® Sampler becomes its own self-contained package.

No chemicals are involved in the field.

Besides its simplicity of use, the disposable En Core®  Sampler avoids many of the problems of current VOC soil collection techniques, including:

  • The Sampler eliminates the need for methanol preservation.
  • The Sampler eliminates the need for preservation with sodium bisulfate.
  • Most importantly, the Sampler avoids many sources for lab discrepancies, thus assuring more consistent and accurate analyses

Note: The disposable En Core® Sampler is designed for one-time-use only. Complete sampling instructions are included in each packet.

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