SoakEase Absorbent Socks

SoakEase Absorbent Socks

SoakEase™ is 3 ft. long and is available in two sizes:

  • Nominal 2 in. OD, will absorb 1 qt of product.
  • Nominal 4 in. OD, will absorb 3 qt of product.

To use SoakEase™ as a bailer, place an absorbent sock in the stainless steel canister and attach a cord to the support loop. Lower it through the product layer, the full length of the sock should be in contact with the product. Immediately, SoakEase™ will begin absorbing product at a rate of about 0.1 gal (0.38 L) per second.

To use the SoakEase™ as a dedicated system, first determine the amount of product present using an oil/water interface indicator as well as the water table fluctuation. When determined, the SoakEase™ may be installed to accommodate level changes of up to 36 in.

The product absorption rate is determined by the viscosity of the product and site conditions. The SoakEase™ is designed to be used with hydrocarbon-based products. The socks can be squeezed out and reused.

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