mPower MP300T1 CaliCase Calibration Station

mPower MP300T1 CaliCase Calibration Station

The CaliCase MP300T1 is a system that provides detector testing, calibration and data recording with application software included for UNI/MP100 (reusable) & UNI 321 (maintenance-free) single gas detectors.

Key Features:

  • Bump testing, calibration, and data recording integrated platform with a built-in gas cylinder.
  • One button bump testing or calibration.
  • Up to 4 monitors are bump tested or calibrated simultaneously with a single or mixed-gas cylinder.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are built-in, the case can be deployed anywhere.
  • The system records bump & calibration logs by micro SD card.
  • All-in-one case.

CaliCase Includes: 

  • MP300T1 Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tube Connector for Regulator Module
  • Charging Adapter
  • TF card transfer to USB (type A) Adapter

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