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Pumps and Tubing

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Pumps / Tubing

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  1. Proactive 12V Plastic Pumps

    Proactive 12V Plastic Pumps are Engineered for Sampling and Purging Groundwater.

    All Pumps Are PFOA Free (Except Abyss Pump Line)

    *Tsunami, Monsoon, and Hurricane
    Power Booster 2 Controller OR
    Low Flow with Power Booster 2 Controller

  2. Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing

    Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing is the industry standard for purge pumps. Strong and ridged to avoid kinking, yet pliable enough to deploy with ease.

  3. Clear Vinyl PVC Tubing

    Clear Vinyl PVC Discharge Tubing for Sampling/Purging

  4. Proactive Power Booster 2 Controller

    The Power Booster 2 Controller is required for use with the Proactive® High Performance pump line.
  5. Proactive Low Flow with Power Booster 2 Controller

    This Low Flow with Power Booster 2 Controller is for Proactive® High Performance pumps.
  6. Proactive Low Flow Sampling Controller

    The Low Flow Sampling Controller is engineered specifically for the Standard Engineered Plastic pumps
  7. GeoTech II Peristaltic Pump

    The GeoTech Series II Geopump Peristaltic Pumps is designed for single and multi-stage pressure or vacuum pumping of liquids.

    Two pumping stations can be piggy-backed for multi-station pumping. First station speed is 60 - 300 rpm, second station speed is 60 - 600 rpm.


    • Geopump II (AC/DC)
    • Hard Carry Case with foam insert
    • Battery
    • AC/DC Power Cord
    • Ez Load Pump Head (Long Shaft) For tubing Sizes 15,24

    Call Toll Free 1.800.468.8921 for more options or to configure to your own specifications.

  8. Bonded LDPE Tubing

    Bonded Tubing for use with bladder pumps.

    Available in two sizes:

    • .17 x .250 to .17 x .250
    • .17 x .250 to .250 x .375
  9. Silicone Tubing

    Silicone tubing engineered for use in Peristaltic Pumps

  10. WaTerra Hydrolift II Pump

    The WaTerra HydroLift II Pump is a compact, high-powered electric motor used to raise and lower the tubing within the well.

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Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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