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Minimize Your Risk in Confined Spaces

People working in confined spaces can face life-threatening hazards including toxic substances, explosions, and asphyxiation.

Construction workers often perform tasks in confined spaces. OSHA defines confined spaces as: work areas that (1) are large enough for an employee to enter, (2) have limited means of entry or exit, and (3) are not designed for continuous occupancy. These spaces can present physical and atmospheric hazards that can be prevented if addressed prior to entering the space to perform work.

OSHA standards help prevent construction workers from being hurt or killed by eliminating and isolating hazards in confined spaces at construction sites. Here are Confined Spaces FAQ from OSHA to assist employers in protecting their workers while working in and around confined spaces in construction.

If you or your employees are going to be working in confined spaces, EnviroTech has many Air Monitoring & Gas Detection tools to make sure you are in a safe working environment. EnviroTech can also help you with calibrating equipment to make sure you are following OSHA Regulations.

To find more information on Federal OSHA standards as well as for your state, click here.

If you are not sure which Air Monitoring Tool is best for your confined space, please contact us, our environmental engineers and geologists would be happy to discuss your options to make sure you minimize risk and keep employees healthy and safe.

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