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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Relationships Matter

    Building relationships allow you to connect with people who are the key source of information, resources and opportunity. But how do you start building your network and investing in your professional career?

    Organizations. Besides creating a network of relationships, organizations also provide excellent opportunities to give back, mentor others, and find resources to help businesses succeed.

    As a Geo-Technician, here are the organizations you need to know about:

    National Groundwater Association (NGWA)
    This organization keeps an active pulse on all National Groundwater issues. Right now they are concentrating on the effects of Federal Budget cuts at the EPA level and the impact that will have on the environmental community and the environment in general. For example, did you know the proposed cuts are approaching 30% for the EPA, the largest single budget reduction of any government agency. This is good news to know, plus annually the NGWA sponsors an exciting Las Vegas Groundwater Week convention every December plus a variety of other conferences, conventions and seminars. For all Project and Senior level consultants, being a member of NGWA is a must.

    Groundwater Resources Association (GRA)
    The Groundwater Resources Association is certainly top of the list. This is a must membership for those residing on the West Coast at any level from staff geologist to Senior management. This Association monitors all activities on the west coast and right now key subjects that impact all environmental consultants are SGMA, subsidence and the ongoing drought relief efforts in California to name only a few. They have an active technical branch and are further integrated into the political hub of Sacramento. Plus, this group is active and fun hosting branch monthly dinner meetings, webinars, conferences and a totally inspiring Hydrovisions publication that carries it's full weight in groundwater news. It's really a exceptional organization and if you don't believe it, just visit their web site.

    Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG)
    If you are past the staff geo-level then it's time to become a member of AEG, it's nearly a requirement to being a professional engineer or geologist or geophysicist. The subjects covered include economic geology, hydrology, engineering geology and more. AEG has local chapters for networking, annual conferences, several professional publications and frankly to much to cover here. If you're an environmental professional or  engineer, the AEG is a good Association to be part of.

    If you are looking for other resources:

    Hand’s Down the best publication for Geo-Sciences is Earth Magazine

    We're not talking about a computer publication we are referring to a real magazine. Like the old days, the kind where you can sit back in an armchair and simply enjoy reading about the subjects you love; like the Earth. The best publication for this is Earth Magazine. If you are schooled in any realm of the earth sciences, this publication will have you spell bound emerging you into a world of Geology, paleontology, archeology with interesting and fast articles leaving you contemplating....... You can not walk away from a sit down with Earth Magazine without having an agenda of interesting things you want to do. Visit Earth Magazine Online and get your subscription.

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