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Bailers / Filters / Gloves

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  1. Aqua Teflon Disposable Bailers

    FEP/Teflon™ stays sturdy in the most corrosive and reactive situations and is ideal in certain sampling situations. Aqua's FEP bailer is made from 100% virgin material and is our most durable disposable bailer. Utilizing a Teflon™ ball and a stainless-steel weight, the protection of your sample is unparalleled. If you are dealing with organics, Aqua's FEP/Teflon™ Disposable bailers are your solution.

  2. Enviro-Tech High Capacity .45 Micron Filter

    The Enviro-Tech Groundwater Filter Cartridge .45 micron features 1/8” NPT threaded inlet and outlets with a stepped hose adapter on the inlet side for in line filtering of pumped samples with up to 3/8” ID tubing.

    Choice of Single, 10/pk., 25/pk., or 50/pk.

  3. Waterra FMT-45 Micron Filter

    The Waterra medium turbidity FMT-45 Filter has 300 square centimetres of filter area and is designed with a compound inlet so as to accommodate both 3/8 inch (10 mm) and 1/2 inch (13mm) inside diameter tubing. This filter has been on the market for several years and has earned a reputation as a high quality, effective, inline filter. The lower cost base has allowed Waterra to pass on savings to its customers.

    The FMT-45 Filter was designed to work with the Waterra Inertial Pumping System, but can be used with most any pumping system that can adapt to the inlet dimensions. In addition, the Waterra FHT-45 Filter can be used with Waterra Disposable Bailers.

  4. Dedicated White PVC Bailer

    Dedicated White PVC Bailers. All PVC Schedule 40 Construction.
  5. Dedicated Clear PVC Bailer

    Dedicated Clear PVC Bailers. All PVC Schedule 40 Construction.
  6. QuickFilter High Capacity .45 Micron Filter

    This .45 micron filter is bagged and labeled with QA/QC certification. And as with our other brand name filters, this filter undergoes a clean rinse. For the finest in filter quality and certification, look to Enviro-Tech as your best QuickFilter source.

    Choice of 1/pack, 10/pack, or 50/pack.

  7. AquaPrep 600 Filter

    Optimized for minimal backgrounds in dissolved metal analysis of water samples.
  8. Bailer Retrieval Aluminum Reel Only

    Bailer Retrieval Aluminum Reel has rugged ball-bearings that provide the aluminum reel a continuous smooth action. Designed for use with any lightweight bailer.
  9. Bailer Retrieval Disposable Nylon Cartridges

    Every cartridge is individually wrapped and available with 100, 200 or 300 feet of bailer line rated at 160 lbs. breaking strength. Designed for use with any lightweight bailer. This bailer twine works with the aluminum Voss Bailer retrieval system

  10. AquaPrep .45 Micron Filter, 20/pack

    The AquaPrep filter is an affordable alternative for smaller samples and easy-to-filter, particle-free groundwater samples. It has 20 square centimeters of effective filtration area.
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Items 11 to 20 of 21 total

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