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Bailers / Filters / Gloves

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  1. Aqua Polyethylene Disposable Bailers

    Aqua disposable Poly Bailers are constructed using 100% pure virgin polyethylene. Now part of our family of “weldless” bailer design, the Poly Bailers strict part and production requirements have virtually eliminated any leakage when sampling in the field. Additionally, the large open-top design allows nearly an inch of open space for an easy tie-on.

    Sold per case of 24

  2. Voss Polyethylene Disposable Bailers

    Voss Disposable Polyethylene Bailers, Weighted or Unweighted.
  3. Voss Twine

    Disposable multipurpose nylon twine for bailer retrieval and general use. Up to 160lb. in breaking strength. Comes in 100/200/300 ft. options.
  4. Aqualine Braided Rope

    Solid-Braid Aqualine Nylon Rope/Twine. Useful for bailer retrieval and other general use scenarios. Up to 255lbs. in breaking strength. Comes in 250/500 ft. options.
  5. Voss Pressure Bailer

    The disposable Voss Pressure bailer system is designed to provide an easy method for filtering metal samples in the field.

    The pressurized bailer's rugged HDPE construction permits use for both bailing and sampling wells while eliminating cross contamination and decon time.

    36" overall length, 1.5" I.D.

  6. SinkFast Bailer

    SinkFast Bailer - The fastest sinking bailer on the market for groundwater sampling. The SinkFast Aqua Bailer features four welds at the top and bottom of every unit for the highest level of sample security. True to its name, the SinkFast is the fastest-sinking bailer device on the market, greatly speeding up the sample collection process and saving you time in the field. EnviroTech stocks the popular SinkFast bailer for quick shipping.

    Sold 24/Case

  7. Voss Pressure Bailer Hand Pump

    Voss Pressure Bailer Hand Pump for use with Voss Pressure Bailers.

  8. Stainless Steel Bailers

    Stainless Steel Bailers are suitable for sampling virtually any potential contaminants while maintaining sample integrity. Threaded bottom check valve allows for easy disassembly and cleaning.

  9. Aqua Teflon Disposable Bailers

    FEP/Teflon™ stays sturdy in the most corrosive and reactive situations and is ideal in certain sampling situations. Aqua's FEP bailer is made from 100% virgin material and is our most durable disposable bailer. Utilizing a Teflon™ ball and a stainless-steel weight, the protection of your sample is unparalleled. If you are dealing with organics, Aqua's FEP/Teflon™ Disposable bailers are your solution.

  10. Enviro-Tech High Capacity .45 Micron Filter

    The Enviro-Tech Groundwater Filter Cartridge .45 micron features 1/8” NPT threaded inlet and outlets with a stepped hose adapter on the inlet side for in line filtering of pumped samples with up to 3/8” ID tubing.

    Choice of Single, 10/pk., 25/pk., or 50/pk.

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Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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